Making yogurt
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Make the homemade yogurt with Yogurberry

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Yogurberry’s yogurt maker makes fresh and delicious yogurt with three strains of live yogurt cultures (‘good bacteria’) that are essential for a healthy gut. The yogurt maker’s air fermentation technology stimulates the growth of these ‘good bacteria’. Because yogurt is a fresh product, it is best eaten fresh after fermentation when the yogurt cultures are thriving. You will discover that fresh, homemade yogurt is the tastiest yogurt you will ever try!

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Air Fermentation

Yogurberry’s unique and effective air fermentation technology

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Non-electric, all natural yogurt maker

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Emotive Design

The Yogurberry is stylish and accommodates any kitchen

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With Yogurberry is easy to clean and you have less waste because you buy less cartons of yogurt.

Made for you
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Delicious yogurt for everyone

With the yogurt maker anybody can make tasty and healthy homemade yogurt. It is so simple, get some fresh milk, hot water and a yogurt starter and pour it into the jar to make great tasting yogurt!

Easy to use
For everyone!

Safe and easy in use

Making yogurt is super easy with the Yogurberry Yogurtmaker, because no electricity is required. The yogurt maker is desiged to be used by the young and old. Only high quality materials are used to make Yogurberry products.


With the patented Yogurberry design

The Yogurberry Yogurt Maker makes great tasting yogurt thanks to our special patented design that utilizes the warmth of hot water instead of electricity. Save up on your energy bills and enjoy healthy yogurt every day!

How to use?

Using the Yogurberry Yogurt Maker is easy!

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Pour 1 satchel of Yogurberry Yogurt Starter into the Yogurberry jar.

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Pour 0.9L of whole pastured milk into the Yogurberry jar.

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Pour boiling water up to the fill line of the Yogurberry main body.

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Place the jar holder and then close the close the holder and body cap.

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Let it stand for 8 to 10 hours (10-12 in winter) at room temperature.

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Put it in the fridge formore than  5 hours when it becomes stiff. (Consume within 7 days)

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