The best
live yogurt cultures

Patented and additives-free live cultures for making all natural yogurt

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The base of all yogurt are the live cultures. We have put a lot of effort and research in creating the best possible yogurt live cultures for you to enjoy. No additives, no sugars but just pure yogurt!

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1 starter can be used 3 times, that is 900ml x 3 = 2,7lt. yogurt

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No color additives, no synthetic preservatives, no sugar, no preservatives

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Patented probiotics

Patented live cultures that improve your health and immune system

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Home Made

Making yogurt at home gives you the freshest and healthiest yogurt with

The start
of perfect yogurt

Use the Yogurberry starters to make the best & healthy yogurt at home

Made in Italy, the patented Yogurberry Yogurt Starter live cultures redefines what yogurt can be.

& delicious

A lot of value and a lot of health

Each Yogurberry Starter Kit come with 10 satchels of live cultures. With each satchel you can make fresh yogurt 3 times. That is 27liters of yogurt!

Made in Italy

Made for you

The probiotics are patented by Yogurberry and made by SACCO in Italy with the highest quality standards in mind. Made to benefit your health & provide you with the best tasting yogurt possible.

Yogurberry Recipes

Need inspiration for dinner or desert tonight? Try out these Yogurberry recipes!

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