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With Yogurberry you can make daily fresh yogurt or cheese at home needing only milk, yogurt cultures and hot water. This simple and energy saving method is unique to Yogurberry.
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Yogurt Maker

Fresh and delicious yogurt

The yogurt maker is designed to be used with hot water and its warmth is distributed evenly resulting in high quality, delicious yogurt. This gentle fermentation methods prevents the destruction of the live yogurt bacteria that are good for the gut. During the fermentation process, the yogurt does not make direct contact with hot water which makes it hygienic and energy saving in use.

Cheese Maker

Homemade cheese

The cheese maker can make fresh young cheese from yogurt using a wide wave strainer
which separates milk serum from yogurt quickly and naturally. Simply use yogurt made with the Yogurberry yogurt maker and pour it into the wave strainer to make your homemade cheese.

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High quality live cultures probiotic starter made in Europe.

Patented and additives-free probiotics containing three strains of live cultures
to make deliciously soft and natural yogurt.