Yogurt Maker [pink]


This is our revolutionary yogurt maker that requires no electricity – only hot, boiling water. With the Yogurberry Yogurt maker anybody can make delicious and healthy yogurt at home. The system and design of the yogurt maker is globally acclaimed (INPEX, Gold Award in Kitchenware) and patented.



You never knew making yogurt was this easy! Pour milk and add the yogurt starter In the Yogurberry jar, mix well. Let it ferment and cool in the refrigerator, by morning you will have smooth and delicious yogurt. Enjoy healthy yogurt every day. Yogurt contains proteins, healthy fats and most importantly: probiotics, “friendly bacteria” that help your digestive system. These friendly bacteria are already present in your gut and help regulate your digestive system. By eating yogurt you will strengthen the living cultures in your body, promoting your immune system and healthy digestive tract. Yogurt is delicious and healthy, great to eat and share with your whole family.
Learn more about the benefits of yogurt here.

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Weight 1290 g
Dimensions 160 × 160 × 285 mm

76, 77


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