About Yogurberry

Everyday a fresh start

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Our Mission

Why everyone should eat yogurt

Food is our fuel, building blocks and insurance for a good health. That is why our mission is to spread the benefits of live probiotics that are abundant in homemade yogurt. Yogurt made with the Yogurberry is fresh, delicious and healthy.

Changing the way you eat yogurt


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Yogurberry is a professional probiotics company and we are always researching on how to best achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle. What ways can we keep our families healthy? How can we become healthy and stay healthy? The answer lies in our everyday lifestyle and diet. By incorporating healthy diet habits, we are one step closer to living healthy and more fulfilling lives. We believe that Yogurberry is the perfect tool to help you achieve health, happiness and fun.

3 core values

What we believe in

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There is a saying “Work hard, play hard”, but at Yogurberry we believe in “Eat well, work better”. During our busy days we often forget to eat well. That’s why we would like to remind you to take a moment to slow down, relax and enjoy real homemade food with your loved ones. Celebrate the joys of everyday life together with Yogurberry.


At Yogurberry we want to improve your quality of life by introducing products that implement positive, everyday habits in your life. We continuously develop and research products that will complement and enhance a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Because sometimes we simply need to slow down and sit down.

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Through Wonder Woman campaign, we are supporting women who decided to change their careers and have established hospitals in Tanzania. In a joint effort to create a better world, we at Yogurberry support these women by offering mentorship and guidance to help them grow and fulfill their goals.

Healthy life, good diet!
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As an expert brand of yogurt we offer healthy lifestyle
and develop the culture to make homemade yogurt.

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Has stores in 20 different countries as a global franchise of yogurt dessert café.

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As a raw material expert of café, we deliver
various products both home and abroad.